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Wooden sofas to buy in Lviv: prices and photos
Wooden sofas (on a wooden basis)presented in this category are double, triple and quadruple sofas of Italian or Ukrainian production. Italian prices – from 400 euros / sofa per hryvnia.

There is also a cheaper option when a wooden sofa made from Italian components in Lviv is produced. Then, thanks to the ukrainian labor force, which is cheaper than Italian, it is possible to lower prices, saving the quarter, or even a third of the cost (depending on the plumbing: leather, fabric). Such wooden sofas are the perfect solution for hotels and restaurants: they have attractive, expensive appearance, high quality, and significantly lower value for imported analogues.
Buy a wooden sofa with a warranty

Carcasses are made of wood (high quality light beech). Many beech furniture are unjustifiably heavy. The same are distinguished by the combination of lightness and durability. In the variant of our production it is possible to arbitrarily tint a frame: we will select any color for the needs of the customer.

Practically every model is made both in a skin and in a fabric (image). We offer 9 price groups of upholstery – 4 categories of leather and 5 categories of fabric. Internal filling – rubber belts, spring snakes, polyurethanes of various densities, felt, sintepon.

All models are extremely refined, comfortable. Classics, Art Nouveau, Baroque and Art Deco – these wooden sofas are capable of enchanting.

To estimate, to order or buy a sofa on a wooden basis you can at the address of Lviv, st. Stetska 6

In gross orders, the price may be lower (it is calculated individually)
Delivery in Lviv is free, in Ukraine – at the expense of the customer. All products of “Dival” are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty – 24 months from the date of purchase.

Wooden Sofas