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Soft modular furniture: buy, order in Lviv

Soft modular furniture is an assortment of individual elements (modules), from which it is possible to form non-standard sizes and forms of modular sofas модульні меблі дивани фото

They are usually stacked with straight, straight armrests and corner elements.

Modular sofas are especially relevant in the interiors of a large area. Due to the variety of placement options, the room is able to constantly update the look. It is also convenient that they are easily formed sofas of large sizes (large sofas). We make any model for sketches of the customer or its designer.

Prices, photos, benefits

In the sofas we use:

  • frames – solid wood (beech, oak), plywood, furniture stove;
  • spring blocks – system “bonel” produced in Germany;
  • fillers – polyurethane foam (Hungary), felt, latex;
  • external materials – leather, fabric, leatherette (Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, USA)

модульні дивани меблі Діваль фото

The catalog presents models from which n-shaped, r-shaped, or simply long sofas are created. In most cases, they are not folding, but some models can mount the folding system. Everything is individually discussed separately for each case. The same applies to the price: it is calculated for each product separately (the approximate price indicated on the site). Dimensions and shapes can be arbitrary. Upholstery – similar.

We invite to Salon Dival (Lviv, Y.Stetska Str., 6)) where you can not only buy soft modular furniture, but also try for convenience, examine the available assortment, find out about the possibilities, evaluate the selection of upholstery, calculate prices and feel the benefits …

Warranty period – 24 months. Post-guarantee service. Delivery within the city (Lviv) is free of charge to the entrance. Diwal – it’s always convenient, refined, reliable!

Modular sofas