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Leather furniture: pros and cons and prices
(Any furniture can be made in leather, but in this rubric sorted leather sofas and armchairs of the classical style)
Leather furniture: elite, expensive, respectable … More objective from the characteristics – practical, reliable, easy to care.
In comparison with fabric, do not need constant care: it is enough to wipe with a napkin shmut to eliminate the dust. Foaming sponge with soap solution is washed off by household pollution.Worth knowing:
– Leather furniture is gaining room temperature. Therefore, in poorly heated interiors, sitting on them is not always comfortable, but in hot summer they will become better friends.
– It is not recommended to order a set of parts (buy a sofa now, chairs later), since the color of the skin from different parties may vary.
– It is recommended to evaluate seams that are a sign of quality. Double seams characterize expensive leather furniture.
– the photo in the online store catalog is not always informative. You should see at least one product of a certain factory in order to judge the quality of the product.
– it is worth paying attention to the number of skin samples of a particular manufacturer. It is better when they are more than 30. It is recommended to buy furniture from those factories that specialize in leather goods
– prices depend on model, configuration, skin category.
Buy leather furniture “Dival”: photo, advantages
• 23 years on the market;
• Highly qualified German equipment;
• In frames only hardwood hardwood (beech, oak), plywood, furniture stove;
• Springs – Germany, fillers – Hungary;
• Leather – certified in the EU, environmentally friendly, with guarantees of wear resistance, color fastness, with high endurance rates (manufacturers – Italy, Spain, Poland);
• Leather catalog – more than 400 patterns and colors;
• Warranty – 24 months. Service;
Buy leather sofas in Lviv. Prices and photos
Take a look, try, pick prices and buy leather furniture in Lviv can be found at: str. Stetska, 6 (city center, Herzen’s lateral street). We arrange delivery to Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Vinnytsa, Lutsk and others like that.

Leather furniture