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Wooden chairs: buy in Lviv
It’s hard to imagine life without such things as ordinary wooden chairs. In the home, they surround us almost the most densely in all varieties of furniture production. Without them it is difficult to imagine any interior.

We offer you wooden chairs for living room and kitchen, hotel, restaurant. The samples presented in this online store are a product of Italian production (we bring it to order). In parallel, we produce similar wooden chairs from original components in Ukraine, which allows you to save on the difference in labor force (saving is in average 25-30% of the price).

The carcassesare made of natural wood (beech, array). With a high density and durability of wood, they are quite lightweight, which distinguishes them from similar products. Filling – spring snake, rubber belts, polyurethane foam, felt and sintepon. Upholstery – fabrics and leather manufactured in Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland and the USA (all with corresponding conclusions of ecological quality certificates).
Chairs with solid wood. Buy: prices and photos
Wooden frames at the request of the customer dip into the required color. This allows you to select a certain range of existing furniture, and make colored ensembles from other positions in the lineup. Almost all models have variants of additions of a certain series – tables, bar stools and armrests. Also, to the chairs you can pick up / buy a table and combine them into one collection, sunken with a common color. This is extremely convenient when it comes to furniture for the living room, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Prices dependon the type of upholstery and wood tinting (calculated for each model separately).

Warranty extends for all products 24 months. We arrange delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Lutsk and others.

We invite to the furniture salon “Dival”, located at: Lviv, str. I, Stetska, 6. Here you can pick up, try, buy wooden chairs. Also, to evaluate strength, quality, calculate prices, view upholstery, get comprehensive answers to all your questions. We are waiting for you: Mon-Fri – 10-19, Sat – 10-17.