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Chairs with armrests to buy in Lviv
Wooden chairs with armrests

 in most cases are complementary to ordinary chairs and are placed on the narrow ends of the dining table. They are also ideally suited to dressing tables as an independent unit.

We offer wooden armchairs with armrests which you can choose from a collection. Production – ItalyThere are two variants – we deliver originals from Italy, or perform similar products from the original components. The second option allows you to save up to 40% of the price, as well as pick up the tinting of the tree and upholstery “live”.

All frames  – solid of beech: durable, reliable, lightweight material.

Upholstery – leather, fabric, leather substitutes, which in the salon catalogs there are a lot of them. Each material has high indexes of durability and reliability, meets the European requirements of environmental and fire resistance.

The internal filling consists of rubber belts and spring snakes, high density polyurethane foam, synthetic foam, felt.

The arbitrary tinting of wooden elements and the selection of upholstery allows you to create furniture ensembles. This becomes a practical option for the improvement of hotels, restaurants, recreational complexes.

We invite to Salon “Dival”, located in the city of Lviv (street Ya.Stetska, 6). Here you can always buy armchairs with matching colors, styles, and quantities.

All products of “Dival” are subject to a warranty – 24 months from the date of delivery (free of charge in Lviv). I arrange delivery in Rivne, Lutsk, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi

Armchairs with armrests