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Bar chairs: buy in Lviv
Bar stoolsare gaining in popularity, systematically capturing the area not only of bars, but also of residential buildings and apartments. The explanation lies in their convenience, practicality, ease and optical smoothness. They are not substitutable in the cozy studio premises, where they form comfortable landing places around the kitchen island.

We offer original wooden bar stools and chairs ((natural wood – solid of beech)) made in Italy. It is also possible to reduce the price of these products by about 30%, if the original complete bar stools are manufactured in Ukraine. Prices are divided into seven price groups and depend on the cost of upholstery and tinting of wooden elements.

Carcasses – a whole solid of beech. Beech has a high strength and density of wood. However, chairs of this manufacturer remain light, which can be considered as a significant advantage over similar products.

Filling – rubber belts, spring snakes, polyurethane foam, felt, sintepon. Tinting of wooden elements – at the request of the customer may be arbitrary color. The coating may be as transparent (tinting varnish) and deaf – colored paints.

Upholstery– leather, leatherette, cloth. Manufacturers – Italy, Spain, Poland, USA. All offensive materials have high reliability, durability and high environmental standards (European Union certification).

To calculate the prices, to order or buy bar chairs from a tree can be in Lvov at the address – st. Y. Stetska, 6 – Salon Dival. We work: Mon-Fri – 10-19, Sub 10-17

Bar chairs