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Author’s / designer furniture: buy / order in Lviv
We produce the author’s furniture (designer sofas and armchairs) with handmade decoration (various interweaving, perforation, rubbing). The author and designer – Oksana Kiyanka: graduate of the Lviv College of Decorative Arts and Applied Arts. by I. Trush (Department of Ceramics), Lviv Academy of Arts (Department of Leather Modeling).

Author’s furniture, or as they are called designer, exclusive – are consumer objects of individual manufacturing, unique appearance and individual design. Usually created for specific interiors and are in a single integral concept of space. Made from the finest raw materials, decorated with hand-made work, they are able to cause surprise and admiration. However, despite its uniqueness and decorative character, all designer products remain practical and functional (some even include folding systems for continuous sleep). You can add, order separately: leather paintings, decorative pillows, banquettes, etc.

Everything is made on the basis of the furniture factory “Dival”, which guarantees the products high quality and reliability.

Created by Oksana, the author’s furniture received the highest awards on international profile exhibitions (Grand Prix “Kyiv-expo furniture”, the Grand Prix of the “Kyiv International Furniture Forum”).).

In manufacturing we use:

Carcasses – solid wood (oak, beech), plywood,
Springs, spring snakes – Germany
Polyurethane foam – Hungary
Upholstery: leather (Italy).

You can order or buy designer / author furniture in Lviv in the Salon “Dival” (6 Stetska St., central part of the city). We invite you to examine, to try, to rate: Monday – Friday – 10 – 19 hours. Saturday – 10-17 years. Phones – in contacts.

Author's furniture